• Image of Jason Moran & The Bandwagon - Looks Of A Lot [CD]
  • Image of Jason Moran & The Bandwagon - Looks Of A Lot [CD]
  • Image of Jason Moran & The Bandwagon - Looks Of A Lot [CD]
  • Image of Jason Moran & The Bandwagon - Looks Of A Lot [CD]


▌Track Listing▐
01 - Der Doppelgänger
02 - Big New
03 - Wabashin'
04 - Wabash Stomp
05 - Easy
06 - South Side Digging
07 - Make Noise
08 - Face/Fade
09 - Music Boxing More News
10 - More News
11 - Shoulder To Shoulder

In memory of Willie Pickens and Aaron Rushing.
released February 23, 2018

Der Doppelgänger is written by Franz Schubert
Wabash Stomp is written by Roy Eldridge

Jason Moran - Piano & Music Box
Tarus Mateen - Bass
Nasheet Waits - Drums

Katie Ernst - Voice and Bass
Ken Vandermark - Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet
Theaster Gates - Voice

Arranged and Orchestrated by Tyler Gilmore

Kenwood Academy Band

Band Directors
Gerald Powell
Bethany Pickens

Asmina Turner - Alto Sax/Flute
Jarrett Crenshaw - Tenor Sax
Nyree Moore - Alto Sax
Reginald McCoy - Alto Sax
Samuel Reynolds - Alto Sax
Tyler Bloomfield - Tenor Sax
William Bishop-Green - Baritone Sax

Alyssa Younger
Brian Morrow
Garrett Powell
Joshua White
Lorne Hubert

Andre Franks
Jordan Gallon
Justin Anderson
Kodjo Adessu
Myles Harrell
Tanitha Dale
Tyson Smith

Rhythm Section
Charles Morgan - Piano
Tyler Smith - Piano
Steven Bowman Jr. - Bass Guitar
Daniel Day - Drums
*Danyah Harris - Congas/Aux
*DeaMonte Russell - Drums/Congas/Aux

Dylan Hunter - Cymbals
Kendall Curtis - Cymbals
Kyndal Purkett - Snare Drum
Nairobi Tribble - Quints
Tyler Brown - Bass Drum
William Butler - Bass Drum

Hattie Askew
Steven Bowman, Sr.
Karen Ashley-Bowman
Marianne Turner

Kenwood Academy Principal
Dr. Gregory L. Jones

Cover Photo
Zbigniew Bzdak/Chicago Tribune/TNS/2014/

Cover Art
Hayden Hawkins

Art Direction
Alicia Hall Moran

Recorded on June 1 & 2, 2017 at
WBEZ Chicago Public Media - Chicago, IL

Sound Engineer
Sascha von Oertzen

Asst. Engineer
Collin Ashmead-Bobbitt

Mastered by
Sarah Register

Produced by
Jason Moran

Thank you to James Fahey for commissioning this work and supporting the vision.
Extra special thanks to Gerald and Bethany and the Kenwood Academy Jazz Band for their tireless efforts rehearsing the band. Your work is tremendous.
I am eternally grateful to Katie Ernst and Ken Vandermark for giving so much support to the music and the musicians. Your presence is felt.
Theaster Gates, my brother in arms, thank you for designing the set, and making a frame for us to set our work inside.
And to the fiery Bandwagon, Tarus and Nasheet, my brothers for life. Thank you for sharing each and every time we make music together.

© all rights reserved

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